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A free tile-matching mahjong game with lovely butterflies is called Butterfly Kyodai. To gracefully glide away, match two of the same butterfly.


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It is true that finding the ideal partner requires time! The game challenges you to find as many pairs as you can in just 190 seconds, so don't waste too much time. To get a good score, match the lovely butterfly wing designs! To clear the plate, connect them in a mahjong-style pattern either vertically or horizontally. It's best to match them as quickly as possible! You can now test it online on your personal computer and watch as these lovely creatures fascinate you on your screen!
As you observe the butterflies and fireflies flying around, they will provide you with hints that will aid in solving the problem. This game puts your vision and perception to the test. So maintaining your focus is essential if you want to see what is coming. So prepare your hands and eyes for a thrilling and enjoyable matching game!

How to Play
In general, Butterfly Kyodai abides with the mahjong rules. Only the edges of the board need to be matched in pairs. Unless they are directly next to one another, butterflies that are obstructed by other pieces will not count.
Because you have to remove as many tiles as you can before the timer expires, the game is especially difficult. Fortunately, there is some assistance along the road. Three tips that point out the locations of the pairs are available, and you can also shuffle the butterflies to get a new perspective.

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Mahjong Solitaire is my favorite, especially themed versions. The same Chinese symbols bore me to tears. I have to be careful about how many megabytes (MB) each game software needs because I use an android; many mahjong games use at least 25 MB. This program is easy to use and doesn't take a lot of data. Over the years, I occasionally utilized this program. This is made even better by the lovely, vivid neon hues of the butterflies.


My very favorite game ever. It is even MORE FUN now that the developers have included more colorful tiles! I enjoy the variety of tasks and tapping fairy eggs till they hatch. I downloaded the game to all of my devices. Thank you for making that. P.S. Where do the solved problems go after they are finished?


The game becomes terrible once you reach level 4. You can restart countless times.


Thanks for helping me after my stroke by giving my eyes and brain a workout.


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